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Medient Studios, Inc. (“Medient”) is intending to build an intellectual property factory that, creates commercial content to a fill vacuum in market demand, produces movies and electronic games a at significantly lower cost than the competition, benefits from substantial tax incentives support, extends its content horizontally to increase revenues with limited additional costs, and is led by a proven and stable management team which has been reinforced by a battery of industry and finance professionals.

Medient Studios, Inc. (MDNT)
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Pulse 'Cabana' Lemonade Coming to South and Midwest

You may not find traditional cabanas in areas like Colorado, Utah and New Mexico, but a beach-friendly beverage of the same name is coming to those areas now that Pulse Beverage's ($PLSB) Cabana lemonade is coming to approximately 250 KG Conoco convenience stores.

Learn more about this new distribution deal here.

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