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Investor Presentation
Here is the latest investor presentation for BarFresh Food Group, Inc.….GREAT look at how far the company has come and more important how much opportunity lies ahead!

BarFresh Food Group, Inc. Investor Presentation

Marcum MicroCap Conference 2015

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Barfresh Food Group, Inc. (BRFH) - an Emerging Growth Company

Established in 2005, Barfresh Food Group (previously known as Barfresh Beverage Systems) was launched in response to the markets need for an innovative method to produce blended beverages (namely smoothies) quickly and more profitably. Barfresh Food Group Inc., has the capacity to take the US by storm. They already proven Barfresh model in Australia shows the potential to quickly gain market share in the US. Barfresh Food Group Inc.’s proprietary single portioned ingredient packs and ready to blend system has proven to be a profitable competitive edge. This technology allows Barfresh Food Group Inc. to be easily integrated into virtually any business. Restaurants and other businesses no longer have to worry about where their ice machine is located because our smoothies already contain the ice for a truly blend and serve experience.



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