Initiating Coverage on Orgenesis, Inc. (ORGS) with $2.50 12-18 Month Target 0

Initiating Coverage on Orgenesis, Inc. (ORGS) with $2.50 12-18 Month Target: Broad ORGS Patent for Turning Liver Cells into Insulin Producing Cells Creates a Potential Cure for Diabetes

Zenosense Inc. - Early detection saves lives! (ZENO) 0

It’s been all over the TV. Masked health workers screening airplane passengers for elevated body temperatures that can signal Ebola infection.

They’re screening with a simple “temperature gun.” It’s not fool-proof by a long shot. But it’s all that’s currently available. Even this elementary screening could potentially save millions of lives by early detection and preventing an Ebola-infected traveler triggering a world-wide pandemic.

Hopefully, Ebola will be contained. And while each of its victims is a tragic loss, the highly-publicized Ebola outbreak has drawn the world’s attention to the life-or-death importance of early and reliable detection of all deadly diseases.

NBT Equities Research: Initiating Coverage on SearchCore, Inc. (SRER) with 500% Upside 0

A significant value creation opportunity for SRER shareholders comes from SearchCore’s now completed corporate pivot from technology provider to becoming a major independent manufactured home retailer within the booming “Shale Energy Belt” within the Southwest United States.

NBT Research estimates .25-.30 value for SRER shares in next 12-18 months based on .03-.04 EPS in fiscal 2016. Current stock price is .06.

Initiating Coverage on Cannabis Therapy Inc. (CTCO) 0

The Company: Cannabis Therapy Corporation “CTC” aims to become a leader in the research, development and commercialization of biopharmaceutical-grade, non-psychoactive cannabis based medicinal therapies and food supplements made from unregulated low-THC hemp cannabis in both humans and pet animals.

NBT Equities Research: Initiating Coverage on MCW Energy Group, Inc. (MCWEF)

NBT Equities Research: Initiating Coverage on MCW Energy Group, Inc. (MCWEF):

Game Changing Disruptive Technology for Environmentally Friendly/EPA Approved High Margin Oil Sands Recovery

12-18 Month Target: $2.50

Fully Diluted Shares Outstanding: 46 Million
Float: 42 million
Average Trading Volume: 5000 shares TSV
Approximate Market Capitalization: $38 Million
Current Share Price: .85
52-Week High/Low:  $1.50/.65
12-18 Month Target: $2.50 based on 2016E EPS of 18-22 cents a share

Company Overview: MCW Energy Group ("MCW") is a Canadian holding company trading on the Toronto Venture Exchange and OTCQB symbol.  It has two operating divisions, MCW Fuels and MCW Oil Sands Recovery, LLC.

MCW Fuels was established in 1938 and is one of the leading branded and unbranded diesel and gasoline distributors in western United States. MCW Fuels distributes over 100 million gallons of branded and unbranded fuel, with sales gradually increasing annually from $451,000,000 USD in 2013 to approximately $500,000,000 USD in 2014. MCW Fuels delivers fuel products to over 200 branded and unbranded service stations throughout California, including Valero, Alliance and 7-Eleven. Its major fuel suppliers are ExxonMobil and Chevron.

The fuels business is very low margin and low growth and at near $500 million sales rate we value at @$20-$25 million private enterprise value (less debt attributable to fuel sales operations).

Game Changing Disruptive Technology for Enhanced Oil Recovery in the United States

NBT Equities Research: Initiating Coverage on Propell Technologies Group, Inc. (PROP)
Game Changing Disruptive Technology for Oil Enhanced Recovery in the United States

The Company: Novas Energy USA ("Novas") is a wholly owned operating subsidiary of Propell Technologies Group, Inc. Novas is the exclusive US licensee of a proprietary new technology for the down hole treatment of marginally producing oil wells that has produced truly revolutionary increases in oil production in over 150 wells in Russia and 12-14 wells in the United States.
Fully Diluted Shares Outstanding: 253 Million
Approximate Market Capitalization: $88.5 Million
Current Share Price: .25
12-18 Month Target: $2.25 based on 2015E EPS of 4-5 cents a share

Uranerz Energy Corporation Initial Coverage 0

Opening the World’s Next Major Uranium Supply in United States: Initiating Coverage with Strong Buy Rating and 3.5X Upside with $5 Target for 2013

Investment Conclusion: We are initiating coverage of Uranerz Energy Corporation with a Strong Buy Rating and $5.00 target price on 92.4 million shares fully diluted on a $3.50 NAV and 1.5 DCF multiple to represent M&A premium.

The New Arms Race in Food, Energy: How You Can Win It

Higher commodity prices and increased exports mean big bucks for countries providing these much-needed foodstuffs. And we’ve found a cost-effective way to benefit from this global trend without boosting your family’s grocery bill.

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