ABOUT NBT Equities Research: Finding The Emerging Secular Growth Sectors & Hidden MicroCap Stocks of the Global Economy

NBT stands for “Next Big Things”—researching and bringing the next big thing sectors and their leadership companies to the emerging growth investor marketplace is what we do. We are metabolically pre-disposed aggressive growth investors. There is not a value stock bone in our collective bodies.

We publish NBT Week every week to keep you up-to-date on ALL the sectors and companies we follow for you 24/7/365. All our newsletter services are included FREE with your NBT Equities Research membership. 

Next Big Thing is also an investment philosophy. We believe with 10%-20% of an equity portfolio directly invested in 8-10 leaders of the “secular super sectors” of the world’s economy—secular 3-5 year 20%+ cumulative annual growth rate vertical markets—a portfolio can greatly outperform the overall indexes.

The math is simple: with just ONE 10-20X winner and a handful of disappointments your ENTIRE portfolio STILL gets a 5-10% ANNUAL BOOST. With average retirement savings per 50+ household at less than $75,000 (2010 study Cerruli Associates) EVERY portfolio needs that kind of boost.

We have proven this concept and philosophy for hundreds of thousands of investors since 1995 (when our founder Tobin Smith started his initial emerging growth research outfit ChangeWave Research LLC). “Next Big Thing Investing 2012-2015” will be published end of 2011 to expand and expound on his proven strategy.

Our Next Big Things investment strategy has helped both retail and professional investors own at least ONE 10-20X winning company that accelerates their ENTIRE portfolio to major index outperformance/Alpha.

In NBT land, in order to get this market out-performance/Alpha, you have to be in the emerging growth game…period.

NBT was started by respected emerging growth investor and financial media personality, Tobin Smith (Fox News/Fox Business Network Anchor and Contributor since 2000, NY Times bestselling author, and Founder of ChangeWave Research and ChangeWave investing newsletters).

NBT Vertical Market Super Sector Focus: NBT’s 5/20+ super sectors for 2011-2015 include:

  1. 4G Broadband Mobility
  2. Cloud Computing & Services (SaaS/PaaS/IaaS/BPOaaS)
  3. Social Media/Social Commerce
  4. Economic Green Technology (CleanTech)
  5. Strategic Natural Resources E&P
  6. Big Data Analytics
  7. Shale Oil E&P
  8. LED Lighting Technology
  9. Technology Category Killers/Disruptors
  10. Breakthrough Bio/Med/Genomics Technologies
  11. Healthier Living
  12. Regenerative Sciences and Healthcare
  13. Applied Nanotechnology
  14. Breakthrough Water Technology
  15. Next Big Thing Consumer Products/Services — we are ALWAYS on the lookout for the next iPod, iPhone, Satellite Radio, LuluLemon etc. (all transformative consumer companies we have identified in our past research lives)