Newtek Business Services Corp. (NEWT) Added to Well Fargo BDC Index

Newtek Business Services Corp ., (NEWT), an internally managed business development company ("BDC") announced that it has been included in the Wells Fargo Business Development Company Index (Symbol: WFBDC), which currently includes 44 business development companies and has a total market capitalization of $131.6(1) billion.

Propell Technologies (PROP) Novas Energy USA Launches New Website

Propell Technologies (PROP) Novas Energy USA has a great new website…really explains the advantage of the their Plasma Pulse Technology (PPT) for substantially increasing oil production from existing oil wells without water or environmentally damaging acid washing or fracking.

With $50 oil, small producers need ALL the help they can get to keep their wells economic…Plasma Pulse from Novas Energy is an answer to their prayers


Wisdom Homes of America (SRER) Adds Another Manufactured Home Retail Center in North Texas

SearchCore, Inc. (SRER) a manufactured housing retail center owner and operator that manages and operates its retail centers through its wholly owned subsidiary Wisdom Homes Of America, Inc. ("Wisdom Homes"), today announced that the Company has entered into an exclusive option to improve and sell 25 residential lots in Sherman, Texas. Wisdom Homes intends to improve and permanently affix manufactured homes onto the lots.

TIC Finance Review

The repossession loans company TIC Finance is now on Trust Pilot after the company's marketing agency suggested creating more social proof to gain online trust.


MCW Energy Group (MCWEF) Projects Windfall Reduction in Oil Sands Costs to $28 per Barrel

MCW's oil sands processing costs have now been projected downwards to $ 28.00 USD per barrel, mainly due to lower costs of the petroleum products being used in the extraction process, such as solvent blends, diesel fuel, liquefied propane, heating oil and natural gas condensates.

All of these energy/processing component prices have fallen in tandem with the current dramatic fall in world oil prices. Condensate prices are down 50%. Solvent blend, diesel fuel and propane prices are down an average of 40%. Oil commodity trading is a profitable and intelligent investment option. Find the most trustworthy trading app, Öl Profit received a lot of positive feedback. It's an online commodities trading app that allows traders from all around the world to invest in oil. You can visit https://www.etf-nachrichten.de/autotrading/oel-profit/, which details the öl profit trading and its benefits.

Orgenesis (ORGS) and Pall Corporation (PLL) Awarded $800,000 For Diabetes Cure Development

Orgenesis (ORGS) is a $35 million market cap biotechnology company that is committed to curing Type 1 Diabetes with a novel technology that combines cellular therapy and regenerative medicine.

Pall Corporation (PLL) is a $10 billon market cap company with a focus on manufacturing of cell therapies.

inShare Tour the First American Oil Sands Production Plant from MCW Energy Group (MCWEF)

NBT Equities Research founder Tobin Smith toured America’s first EPA approved oil sands production facility recently in Vernal, Utah with CEO Jerry Bailey and the construction manager. It’s a facinating process…oil sands go in the front of the plant and high quality 32 light sweet crude oil goes out the back. There is no water, heat, waste involved in the process…all the solvents used are recycled and used over and over again. This plant is the first of many to be built by MCW using its patented and EPA approved oil sands recovery technology. To tour the plant with Tobin and CEO Jerry Bailey