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Oil reserves are diminishing worldwide; this fact compounded with the rising cost of oil extraction makes the need for new Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) technologies paramount.

Novas Energy is an innovative technology and services company whose aim is to radically improve oil production by introducing modern and innovative technologies.

Novas’s Plasma-Pulse Treatment (PPT) is a new Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) technology and process that has been developed to be environmentally friendly, mobile, time efficient and extremely cost effective.

Propell Technologies (PROP) Novas Energy USA Launches New Website

Propell Technologies (PROP) Novas Energy USA has a great new website…really explains the advantage of the their Plasma Pulse Technology (PPT) for substantially increasing oil production from existing oil wells without water or environmentally damaging acid washing or fracking.

With $50 oil, small producers need ALL the help they can get to keep their wells economic…Plasma Pulse from Novas Energy is an answer to their prayers

Enviro Friendly Fracking & Enhanced Recovery Technologies Get Another Booster: New York

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration said Wednesday it would prohibit hydraulic fracturing statewide, citing health concerns and calling the economic benefits to drilling there limited.

“I cannot support high-volume hydraulic fracturing in the great state of New York,” acting health commissioner Howard Zucker said, adding that he wouldn’t allow his own children to live near a fracking site. He said the “cumulative concerns” about fracking “give me reason to pause.” Article Names Propell (PROP) Plasma-Pulse Technology “Overnight Sensation”

According to, “As fracking scrutiny snowballs with California’s stringent new regulations set to take effect in July and a successful anti-fracking referendum earlier this month in Denton, Texas, the E&P industry is eyeing new technology that foregoes toxic chemicals and harnesses plasma pulses reminiscent of science fiction weaponry.