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NBT Equities Research: Initiating Coverage on Propell Technologies Group, Inc. (PROP)
Game Changing Disruptive Technology for Oil Enhanced Recovery in the United States

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Game Changing Disruptive Technology for Enhanced Oil Recovery in the United States
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Propell Technology Group, Inc. - Unlocking America’s Petroleum

Marcum MicroCap Conference 2015

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Propell Technologies Group, Inc. (PROP) - an Emerging Growth Company

Oil reserves are diminishing worldwide; this fact compounded with the rising cost of oil extraction makes the need for new Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) technologies paramount.

Novas Energy is an innovative technology and services company whose aim is to radically improve oil production by introducing modern and innovative technologies.

Novas’s Plasma-Pulse Treatment (PPT) is a new Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) technology and process that has been developed to be environmentally friendly, mobile, time efficient and extremely cost effective.

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