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Echo Automotive’s (ECAU) EchoDrive Technology Now Available in 900 Meineke Franchises

Here at NBT, we always keep our ear to the ground to learn about new technologies. When we first heard about Echo Automotive (ECAU), we were intrigued. Once we dug further, we became excited.

Echo Automotive is a big player in the economic clean tech industry. Of course, it’s no surprise considering they have over 150 years of combined Electric Vehicle (“EV”) experience. Their product, EchoDrive, is what those years of experience have come up with. Their main target group is fleet vehicles, and that’s great news to those businesses who are looking to become more efficient, lower their costs and give them bragging rights about going green.

EchoDrive is a revolutionary cost-reduction platform for converting fleet vehicles into highly fuel-efficient hybrids and plug-in hybrids. For the first time, fleet operators have an option to significantly reduce their operating expenses with a low risk and cost effective solution where the ‘real-world’ payback can be 24-36 months or less.  EchoDrive can be easily bolted onto new and existing vehicles cost-effectively, for the purpose of substantially reducing a fleet vehicle’s operating cost.

Now enter Meineke. Since 1972, Meineke Car Care Centers has expanded its menu of product offerings to meet the demands of a changing marketplace and has serviced more than 50,000,000 vehicles. Meineke now represents over 900 franchised service centers throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, China, Saudi Arabia and the Caribbean, with an additional 100 licenses sold and in development.

This new partnership between the two will become very lucrative. Meineke no doubt has plenty of service agreements with fleet vehicle owned companies. So getting the EchoDrive product to these consumers will be a lot easier now with Meineke on board.


Echo Automotive

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