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Mimvi and Entrepreneur Media to Create the Next Big Thing in Crowdfunding: TrepLabs ™

Most everyone knows what Kickstarter is and how it revolutionized crowdfunding for small projects. Now Mimvi has joined up with Entrepreneur Media to create their own crowdfunding and discovery program for app developers, named TrepLabs™. This will give app developers more exposure directly to their client base.

We all know that Mimvi’s search technology is second to none for mobile app searching, which is why they are so popular with app developers. Their technology gave the developers more exposure in an over saturated market. Now with the addition of TrepLabs™, app developers will get not only more exposure, but exposure and funding directly from end users. Also included in TrepLabs™ will be tools that can be utilized by app developers such as beta testing and marketing support.

Since this is at heart a crowdfunding enterprise, it only made sense for Mimvi to team up with entrepreneur content provider Entrepreneur Media Inc. Apps that make the cut from Mimvi review process will be showcased across an Entrepreneur readership base on the hunt for mobile stardom.

"We continually look for ways to help entrepreneurs in the mobile space, and believe this partnership with Mimvi to create TrepLabs™ is ideal for all concerned," said Ryan Shea, president of Entrepreneur Media. "Our combined skills and assets provide the perfect platform to address a gaping hole in the mobile app developer market and offer an unparalleled level of support and expertise."

More information is planned to be released on TrepLabs™ in the coming weeks.


Disclosure: NBT Group, Inc. was compensated one million shares in 2010 for investor awareness marketing services.

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