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Pulse Beverage Secures 1.6 Million Potential Customers in North Carolina

Summer is coming and Pulse is making sure everyone has a way to keep cool by securing distributors across the country. The latest distribution network comes from North Carolina, where Pulse has secured distribution through Mims Distributing Company, a MillerCoors Class “A” distributer.

Mims Distributing Company serves over 1.6 million people in North Carolina and is a distributor for other major brands like Miller® Beer and AriZona® brand beverages to more than 1,300 grocery and convenience stores in nine North Carolina counties.

Bob Yates, CEO of Pulse, stated, “We are pleased in securing a major regional distributor such as Mims Distributing. We are making great strides in securing key Class ‘A’ distributors for Southeast USA and are progressing negotiation with regional chain stores to carry Cabana™ and/or PULSE® in the Southeast USA region.”


We are getting into the summer slowdown for stocks. Yet it’s a strong season for cold healthy drinks...like Cabana 100%Natual Lemonade from Pulse.

Now is the time start or add to PLSB...Q3 will be a blow-out.

Source: Marketwire


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