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Pulse Beverage Adds Two NEW Major Super Market Chains PLUS a NoCal Distributor

In the past couple of months, we saw Pulse Beverage make big pushes for distribution to take advantage of summer thirsts. Now that summer is over, it appears that Pulse is getting ready for the back to school shopping rush. All those shoppers and their kids WILL get thirsty, and Pulse is making sure to cash in on the demand. Today, Pulse announced THREE new distribution networks just in time for school.

The first network is in the Golden State capitol, Sacramento. Senuca Beverages, Inc, a rapidly growing distributor located in Sacramento, will now be distributing BOTH Pulse Functional Beverages as well as their Natural Cabana Lemonade product line. Securing this distribution network will increase their already powerful foothold in the greater Sacramento area.  

While the deal with Senuca was happening, Pulse was also able to secure two additional distribution networks for their Natural Cabana Lemonade, Spartans Stores and Balls Food Stores. This deal will add over 500 more locations for Pulse in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Kansas and Missouri.

Now that they have secured these locations, maybe Pulse will finally take the summer vacation they deserve.

Source: MarketWire


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