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Here is the latest investor presentation for BarFresh Food Group, Inc.….GREAT look at how far the company has come and more important how much opportunity lies ahead!

BarFresh Food Group, Inc. Investor Presentation
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Barfresh Food Group (BRFH) Teams Up With RestaurantLink and Thousands of Their Food Service Clients

Barfresh Food Group announced that it has signed a marketing agreement with RestaurantLink to market Barfresh Smoothie products to RestaurantLink's thousands of foodservice clients. The agreement will help ensure that Barfresh’s  Smoothie products will get a higher exposure to the market and increase revenues.

RestaurantLink is a national procurement and support company for foodservice operators. In the beverage category they currently provide their clients with Pepsi Cola, Dr Pepper, and CO2 equipment along with several coffee, tea and juice products.

"RestaurantLink was established in 1995 and is well-respected in the industry. They specialize in working with regional chains and independent accounts and can quickly help broaden distribution of products such as ours," said Riccardo Delle Coste, CEO of Barfresh. "Their 20 sales professionals in addition to our own internal sales force will be instrumental in helping us achieve our planned growth as we roll out Barfresh Smoothies in the US this year. By the end of the year, we expect the RestaurantLink sales representation for Barfresh products to grow to a team of 35 individuals. As a result, we believe Barfresh can achieve our revenue targets for this year and beyond."

Even being as new as this deal is, RestaurantLink has already been getting back positive responses from their clients.

This is no surprise of course, ever since Barfresh has completed its first sale back in September, they have been on a non-stop push forward. Since September, they have signed deals with a casino chain with 40 casinos and a quick-service restaurant chain with >10,000 stores. And with this latest announcement, one question must be asked.

Why haven’t you jumped aboard this smoothie train?

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