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Barfresh Food Group (BRFH) Takes Their Ready-To-Blend Smoothies Down Under

Barfresh Food Group (BRFH) has engaged Entyce Food Ingredients Pty Ltd as an agent, wholesaler and distributor in Australia for its Smoo(R) line of ready-to-blend smoothies, shakes and frappes.

Entyce is a leading regional food ingredient supply and product developer that provides complete food solutions for manufacturers, brand owners and retail groups. Through Entyce's strong regional presence, Barfresh will be able to transition and build upon the existing Australian customer base of food service providers already offering Smoo products. Entyce has submitted an initial order for distribution valued at approximately $60,000, which Barfresh plans to ship within the next few weeks.

"Entyce is a highly-capable partner that will help us build upon the success of our predecessors in Australia, while servicing a loyal base of Smoo retailers and their customers," said Riccardo Delle Coste, president and CEO of Barfresh. "Entyce's engagement allows us to continue focusing on building our global brand and market reach, particularly in the U.S. retail smoothie market, which alone represents a fast-growing, $2 billion a year opportunity. Looking forward, we expect similar agreements as our turn-key solution satisfies the growing need of food service providers to offer freshly blended smoothies to their increasingly health-conscious customers."

The Entyce engagement follows Barfresh's recent acquisition of the exclusive worldwide rights to the patented Smoo beverage packs, which formerly encompassed only North America. The proprietary system uses controlled, pre-packaged portions to deliver freshly made smoothies, shakes and frappes that are quick, cost efficient and generate no waste.

"I've been witnessing the growing popularity of Barfresh's innovative approach for making smoothies and shakes and can attest to how it offers a tremendous value proposition to the quick service or casual restaurant owner," said Gino Vescio, managing director of Entyce. "In fact, it allows food service providers of any size -- from the large QSR to the small cafe -- to offer their customers freshly-made smoothies, shakes or frappes. Not only are they easy to make, but they generate high-margin sales and have virtually no waste, do not require significant space or equipment and allow for simple inventory management."

Want to learn more about BarFresh? Check out our exclusive interview with CEO Riccardo Delle Coste.

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