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Petrosonic Energy Inc. (PSON) Initial Coverage
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PSON: FIRST You Get the Patents THEN You Get the Money

Petrosonic is filing of ten (10) US Patent Applications surrounding their core sonic de-asphalting technology. These applications ARE the company's commercialization strategy and are key central to Petrosonic's future success.

These ten disclosures relate to:

  • Economically upgrading heavy oil feed stocks, achieving optimal solvent ratios and improving processing times while adding variations for solvent recovery. 

  • Solvent maximization and recovery using a new solvent selection process. 

  • Recovery and conversion of asphaltenes and de-asphalted oil from heavy oil feed stocks into an emulsified fuel which may be more suitable for transportation, storage and utilization in multiple other applications, such as in a self-sufficient processing plant. 

  • Utilization of sonic treatment in nonconventional treatment applications such as clay removal and frac water treatment. 

  • Recovery of hydrocarbons from solid and liquid waste in contaminated areas using sonic technology. 

  • Design modifications and enhancements for optimal operation of a sonic reactor used in the upgrading of heavy oil feed stocks. 

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