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The Revolutionary and Disruptive Technology: Initiating Coverage with Strong Buy Rating and 12X Upside

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... The Revolutionary and Disruptive Technology: Initiating Coverage with Strong Buy Rating and 12X Upside
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GlyEco, Inc. is a green chemistry company which transforms used glycols, a hazardous waste, into profitable green products. The Company’s patent-pending technology recycles polluted glycols to a purity level equal to refinery produced material. This unique process cleans all five types of polluted glycols: HVAC, Textiles, Automotive, Airline and Medical. World-wide consumption for refinery produced ethylene glycol is over 5 Billion gallons per year.

GlyEco Overview
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GlyEco (GLYE) Sells Their Services to the Textile Industry

With operational upgrades complete at their South Carolina plant, GlyEco has been able to process and sell several thousand gallons of waste glycol sourced from the textile industry. This is big news considering the textile industry is the largest consumer of monoethylene glycol, with demand exceeding 3.8 billion gallons annually.

"We've made tremendous progress on our plant upgrades. I am very proud of what we have accomplished as a team, but I am even more excited about the opportunities that lie ahead, driven by customer needs in underserved markets," said John Lorenz , chairman and CEO of GlyEco. "We are well positioned to offer a real solution designed to help our customers create more environmentally friendly products, all while protecting their businesses from the threat of damage caused by improper waste glycol disposal."

Mr. Lorenz continued, "The waste glycol created by polyester manufacturing is difficult to clean. Most glycol recycling methods cannot remove all of the potentially deadly pollutants, while more effective processes don't make economic sense. As a result, textile manufacturers have very limited options for disposal, and at best this material ends up in a landfill. We intend to change that."

Source: PRNewswire


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