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GlyEco, Inc. is a green chemistry company which transforms used glycols, a hazardous waste, into profitable green products. The Company’s patent-pending technology recycles polluted glycols to a purity level equal to refinery produced material. This unique process cleans all five types of polluted glycols: HVAC, Textiles, Automotive, Airline and Medical. World-wide consumption for refinery produced ethylene glycol is over 5 Billion gallons per year.

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Nature’s Best + Pulse Beverage = Perfect Partnership

We have big news from the Pulse Beverage Company (“PLSB”) today as they create two new distribution networks. The first distribution network, Nature’s Best, is the largest privately owned wholesaler/distributor of health and natural food products in the United States. With a huge distribution network in the US and parts of Asia, Pulse’s functional drinks will no doubt gain popularity with the summer heat.

The second network, Gelson’s Markets, has by far the best and freshest products you can get your hands on in a supermarket in Southern California. The chain consists of seventeen locations, some of which are: Century City, Dana Point, Encino, Hollywood, Irvine, Marina del Rey, Newport Beach, Pacific Palisades, Pasadena, Santa Barbara, Sherman Oaks and West Hollywood. These are high profile areas, so Gelson’s Markets maintains a high standard, and by adding Pulse’s beverages to their shelves gives Pulse the high standard stamp of approval.

Paddy Sheya, Pulse’s National Sales Manager, said, “Nature’s Best has listed PULSE® for sale into their distribution system and Gelson’s Markets has debuted PULSE® in Southern California. These are very positive signs of things to come for our rollout of PULSE®. The all natural channel of trade will be a major asset for the distribution of PULSE® and Nature’s Best is one of the best distribution systems to supply this channel.”  

Bob Yates, Pulse’s CEO, commented, “Partnering with Nature’s Best is a perfect fit for our PULSE® brand of functional beverages and will expand and accelerate our growth into Western USA and provide a connection to the important Asian markets.”

Source: MarketWire


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