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Research Update Pulse Beverage: Strong Buy and 10X Upside
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Pulse Beverage (PLSB): California Dreamin’ Man

As a former So Cal kid who drove soda delivery trucks in the summer in college for some serious cash money…I can tell you there is a LOT of beverages sold every second in California.

Pulse now covers 30 million of the 37 million thirsty Wrong Coasters…and that is GREAT news for PLSB and their newest line of “good for you” PULSE® beverages. Cabana™ sales are doubling every 30—45 days as PLSB ramps to 20,000 stores from 13,000 presently.

Look for 10k out for first quarter by the 15th…and MORE good news I suspect. NBT Equities Research will update research report shortly after 10q is filed.



Join the Conversation: Let's Talk About It, Baby!

should probably refrain from comments like "Wrong Coasters!"

I'm not sure if it is a good idea to "dig" politically when supporting a company/product.  There "ARE" a lot of beverages sold every second in California.

Pulse even better tasting than Cabana, which is AWESOME as well

I was blessed to be able to sample a case of the Pulse functional beverages, and they ARE fantastic.  For 1 week, I was able to get by on 1 espresso/coffee per day vs my normal 4.  The flavors couldn't have turned out better, and I truly hope they apply the Pomegranate BlackBerry and the Strawberry Grapefruit to the Cabana line as well.  This product is going to be a fabulous addition to the beverage industry.  We have stopped purchasing soda entirely for our home choices, and we don't miss it a bit.  My 8 and 10 year old boys request the Cabana Lemonades every day, and most days they get it!  Our family of 4 enjoys at least 8 bottles of Cabana per week.  Once we are able to purchase the Pulse line here locally, we will also be discontinuing the purchase of many of our vitamin supplements due to the better "body useable" nutrients in the liposomal delivery in the Pulse beverages.  Go Pulse!!!

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