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Pulse Beverage (PLSB) Releases Impressive Q1-2013 Results

Since we first started coverage of soon to be beverage giant Pulse Beverage (PLSB), they have been rising faster than anyone could expect. It's amazing they have gone up 306% in the year 2012 alone. So it's no suprise in thier latest press release that Q1 of 2013 is just as impressive. I could go on and talk about how this is one of the top picks, but I'll let the highlights speak for themselves.

Q1-2013 Highlights:

  • Case sales during Q1-2013 for Cabana™ increased 169% quarter over quarter and 133% as compared to Q1-2012. Revenue during Q1-2013 for Cabana™ increased by 232% quarter over quarter and 115% as compared to Q1-2012.

  • Pulse’s Q1-2013 net loss from operations was expected and was a result of costs associated with improvements made to its flagship product PULSE®, expanding its distribution system, costs associated with securing chain store listings, cost and shipping of samples of both products to distributors and chain store buyers. Pulse expects to be operationally cash flow positive by the end of Q2-2013. We expect Cabana™ to reach the annualized one million case threshold by the end of Q2-2013.  This is a very meaningful accomplishment for Pulse as well-respected beverage publications generally report that it normally takes four to six years to reach corporate profitability and annualized one million case threshold for new beverage brands.

  • During Q1-2013 grocery and convenience store chain store listings for Cabana™ increased by 4,000 listings to more than 11,000. An additional 2,000 chain store listings have been secured for Cabana™ since March 31, 2013 to a total of 13,000. It generally takes four to five months between securing a listing and having product on the shelf for sale to consumers. Some of the more notable chains carrying, or committed to carrying, Cabana™ are: Safeway Inc. including Vons and all banners, Sobeys (Canada), Albertsons, Walgreens, Whole Foods (selected divisions), Kroger (selected divisions), Hy-Vee, Roundy’s Supermarkets, Hannaford and Sprouts.  Pulse is in the process of securing many more chain store listings for both PULSE® and Cabana™. Some of these will soon be carrying PULSE® as well.

  • Pulse has in excess of $4.5 million in working capital as at March 31, 2013 including cash of $3.8 million, as such, Pulse will likely not need additional capital to finance the growth of its operations for its PULSE® and Cabana™ products. Pulse has received several offers for additional financing but has turned the offers down as it doesn’t require additional financing for the foreseeable future.

Click here to read the full release.


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