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Here is the latest investor presentation for BarFresh Food Group, Inc.….GREAT look at how far the company has come and more important how much opportunity lies ahead!

BarFresh Food Group, Inc. Investor Presentation
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Barfresh Food Group (BRFH) Rolls Into Motor City

Nothing goes good with summer heat like an ice cold smoothie, and Barfresh is making sure people know this. Their partnership with Restaurant Link has led to their latest conquest in Detroit, where they have been approved for roll out to the San Marcos Group, a 25 unit quick service restaurant ("QSR") chain. San Marcos Group has selected 4 smoothies and 1 frappe to roll out through their entire chain to be shipped later this month.

Riccardo Delle Coste, Barfresh CEO said, "In addition to our work with the major restaurant chains where we are currently carrying out a number of test-market programs and approvals of flavors, we continue to work with smaller regional chains to introduce all our smoothies, shakes and frappes. I am delighted to announce the addition of San Marcos Group to our growing customer base. We believe that along with our efforts with the major chains, we can significantly grow our business by adding regional chains and independent restaurants to our mix of clients."

This is just the start, as there is news that they are bringing in more restaurant chains. "We have several restaurant chains coming on board this month, and we look forward to announcing these as we finalize agreements and start to ship products to them," said Mr. Delle Coste.

Barfresh believes it is positioned to capitalize on the growth of the smoothie market -- a market that is estimated by industry analysts to grow dramatically and reach $9 billion by 2015. "With the exception of a few major chains, which introduced smoothies last year, the marketplace is wide open as consumers move away from sugary carbonated beverages to healthier fare," Mr. Delle Coste said. He added: "Furthermore, suppliers of this market are fragmented and we believe our patented system, which is a two-step process, is less costly for restaurant and food service operators and therefore far more attractive to them as they move to implement this business."

Source: MarketWire


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